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Why Fresh

When it comes to the good health of your dog, food should always be fresh dog food that's wholesome & hygienic. If you want to feed your dog FRESH - Look no more!

Why Holistic

Are you looking at your dog's health and wellbeing holistically? Then changing to fresh dog food is an essential step. 


We know that you want the best for your dog. Fresh feeding can often mean an unbalanced and incomplete nutrition.  A professional Canine Nutritionist ensures that the meal is carefully balanced and is the best dog food choice for your pooch.

Why Nutritionist

Doggiliciouus was set up with people like you in mind. To help more dogs shift to fresh dog food, that comes with the convenience and ease of kibble. You are committed to your dog's wellbeing and we will hand hold you all the WAY!




Greeshma embracing her baby Bruno

What our clients are saying

One of the greatest joy i experience is when i see my furry baby eat all his food without any fuss. Thanks to Doggiliciouus, I experience this joy every day.” 

—  Greeshma & Bruno



How it began...

As most dog professionals, mine too started for the love of a dog. As a pet mom, I was determined to dig deep into the world of natural fresh nutrition for my dog, it eventually led me to get a Diploma from London in Canine nutrition and holistic wellness. 

Doggiliciouus' brand ambassador Kira, the german shepherd, sits cheerfully in a garden with her ears pricked up


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