Our Story...

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About me


 Kira had come home as a quiet and timid dog, in shock from what life had shown her till then. To top it off she falls severely ill within the first month, and is admitted into hospital for 13 days with multiple organ failure and severe hemorrhaging from all organs. On day 10 she slowly started showing signs of recovering, and by day 13 she was sent home. 

And our journey began....​​​

Kira had decided to come home but it wasn't without a list of instructions from the doctors. 

  • First I was told that she will need a prescription diet and medication all her life.

  • So I did some research and a quick Nutritional certification course for Pet owners.

  • What I learnt inspired me enough to to do a full Canine nutrition Diploma(UK) so I could help more people with their dogs. 

  • Real healing and prevention is possible with good nutrition and balanced fresh foods.

I realized quickly that EVERYONE around me, thinks about their dog's food exactly the way I did before. I realized that I want to help all pet parents KNOW the science behind nutrition! It's imperative for all of us to give more thought to  what we are feeding our dogs, than we currently do.


I founded Doggiliciouus so I could start making a difference to more dogs than just mine! I continue to learn various aspects of holistic health management, dog behavior, body language, natural remedies for pain management, including aromatherapy for dogs and try to evolve so i can aim to bring the best of what I know to the life of each dog I work with.


After only 2.5 yrs of being with us, Kira suddenly left us to go across the rainbow bridge in June 2018. An unexplained cardiac arrest took her from me so abruptly and cruelly, that I broke down and saw no sense in doing anything anymore. When a friend and colleague reminded me that Kira had started me off on a path to help other dogs and it would be most disrespectful to her memory and her very existence in my life if I did not continue the work that I do. I realized that Kira had in fact come into my life, sick, broken and malnourished, and in my love for her I ended up on a path to help as many dogs as I could. And in my love for her, I must carry on.... 

Life, as we know is a never ending circle, and despite my reservations, on 3rd August 2018 I found a small almost dead white puppy that I bought home to nurse back to health and then put up for adoption. But as fate may have it... months later he is still here and we call him Barfi. So in the circle of LIFE and LOVE... Yet again, we have been taught that our hearts really can hold infinite amounts of love! This has now given birth to Doggiliciouus Premium - For people like you and me who are truly addicted to life, love and dogs!

Doggiliciouus Premium will specialize through my education in chronic illnesses and specific nutrition for healing. In my ongoing efforts to better my knowledge I will keep studying and bring the best of what I know and learn to you and your dogs. 

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