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Chichen Chow Chow

Delicious Chicken and egg meal with vegetables and red rice. Starting @ 4000/- per month*. 

Chicken Chow Chow meal by Doggiliciouus in a white bowl next to curry cut chicken on a tray

Vealicious Mealicious

A great digestible red meat to start with. Its lean with higher protein. Starting @ 4300/- per month*

Appetizing veal with boiled rice topped with grated beetroot


Lean pork is a good cool meat to opt, for a change from chicken. Starting @5100/- per month*

Nourishing meal by Doggiliciouus containing pork, rice and veggies in a ceramic bowl and augmented with fresh coriander leaves


Made from lean goat/ lamb mince, s a tasty meal. A   favorite amongst dogs! Starting @ 5900/- per month*

Lean goat/lamb mince mixed with boiled rice in a white bowl and topped with delectable vegetables

Chicken bone broth

Chicken broth is great for joints, growing puppies & aging dogs! It's a star product! Starting @ 300/- for 1

Wholesome chicken bone broth mixed with vegetables in a white bowl and herbs sprinkled on top

Healing bone broth

12 HOUR broth is super dense in nutrients and we swear by it!  Starting @ 400/- for 1

Healing bone broth in a glass jar developed by a certified canine nutritionist

Golden paste

Like we like to, we make our golden paste our way. And like always; swear by it. Starting @ 899/- for 200gm

Freshly ground turmeric powder in a round ceramic bowl next to a stack of turmeric fingers

Charcoal toothpaste

Activated charcoal, coconut oil & essential oil toothpaste thats 100% natural @ 300/- / tub

Charcoal toothpaste on a red and white toothbrush next to finely powdered charcoal on a wooden spoon and heap of charcoal sticks

Something's Fishy

Anchovies / Sardines-based fish meal with eggs, vegetables, and red rice. Starting @ 4700/- per month*

Steak walk Dinner

Made with lean beef, this meal is great for seasoned meat eaters. Starting @ 4300/- per month*

Lean beef mince with eggs and vegetables on a ceramic platter

Mixed bag - I luv it all!

Mixed meat Bag - Rotational or all included. Great for multi-protein meals Starting @ 4150/- per month*

Rich variety of meat in a non stick pan stirred with a wooden spatula

Miletty Veg

Made with mixed ancient grains and a wide variety of veg & herbs.  Starting @ 3050/- per month*

Bowl full of organic millets, vegetables and herbs by Doggiliciouus

Mutton bone broth

Mutton soup boosts immunity. We added our healthy twist on it.  Starting @ 350/- for 1

Glass tumbler full of mutton bone broth accompanied by meaty mutton bones on a tray

Raw meaty bones

Excellent for chewing, oral hygiene, calming down and much more  Starting @ 475/- (7pcs)

Preservative free raw meaty bones cut into pieces on a white plate

Kefir - Probiotic

Kefir is an excellent probiotic and we had to start it after experiencing it! Starting @ 250/- for 250ml

Kefir grains serving as fantastic probiotic being picked up with a wooden spoon out of a green bowl and surrounded by glass jars of milk

Paw & Snout Butter

This mix of coconut oil and essential oils soothe the skin, paws, dry skin flaky skin @ 300/- / tub

Soothing paw and snout butter by Doggiliciouus in a white bottle next to flowers and jars containing various essential oils

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