Doggiliciouus PremIum

Customized Dog food

A brown dog sitting at a white dining table on a metallic chair

Alternatively, You can reach out to us and give us your customizations and we will make the dog food and deliver to your home.

Once we have evaluated your dog, we will custom design a meal plan for your dog. This will be done to address specific issues and also to provide preventative immune support to the body. 

  1. Custom meals plans when designed will be shared with you as a report so you can refer back to it as needed. 

  2. You may choose to prepare this custom meal plan at home and get full support from us step by step for as long as you need to settle down on the new meal plan.

  3. Or we can make your life much simpler and have it cooked by us and delivered home. Simply approve the quotation for monthly subscription, and we will take care of the rest. 

  4. As part of the on going support you will be able to get back to us with any doubts or developments that may come up and we will hand hold you through the whole process. Including, making changes to the meal plan as needed. 

  5. Last but not the least, there is no limit to the customization. We will go as far as you are willing to go. Our commitment is to your dog and we will do it over as long as it takes to get it right for your darling.