FAQ on Health Products / Aadhoc orders

How do I place the order for the Health Products?

You can go to our Shop page and place the orders for the items you wish to order.

Which broth should I order for my dog?

Each of our Bone Broths are designed for a specific purpose. Read through the benefits of each broth here and you might be in a better position to decide what might be the best one for your dog.

What size meaty bone is good for my dog?

We have a size chart based on the dog breeds to give an idea what size might be good for your dog. Have a look at the chart and if you still are unsure, then send us a picture of your dog on Whatsapp and we can help you too.

Can I get Bones and Broths delivered outside Bangalore?

Bones, broths and kefir are delivered within Bangalore since they are fresh products. All other wellness products are delivered all across India.

Can I place an adhoc order for meals?

Yes, you can place adhoc orders for meals. We have a 7 day trial pack which you can check for one-off meal orders.

How soon can I expect my order to be delivered?

All orders within Bangalore are fulfilled within 2 business days. Any orders outside of Bangalore will be dispatched within 2 days and delivery time is based on the location. Once we dispatch the order, we will share the tracking details with you as well.