FAQ - Consults

Do I need to Set up an Appointment in advance?

Yes, an appoitnement needs to be set up in advance. If you prefer weekend appointments, its best to book your slot a week in advance as they get full faster.

Do I need to bring my dog is he/ she is really sick?

No. Please Mention this in the form that you fill out for the consult and we will call you back and discuss the best way to do this for your dog. Stressing out the dog when really sick should be avoided at all costs. So we will work around your situation.

I'm not in Bangalore, can I still get a consult?

Yes you can. We do consults over skype or other online video calls. There will be a list of photos, videos and forms you may, need to fill and send us in advance. Please get in touch with us through the contact us form at the end of the Home page or call us and we will guide you on how to take this forward.

Where do we need to come?

The consults happen at a few locations across the city, and so its based on where you are coming from. We can let you know the best location after you fill the form for an appointment.

What do i need to bring with me?

You will need to carry the dog's medical records. Carry any medication and /or supplements that your dog is on (carry the actual items) A list of ingredients / foods that the dog currently has. Bring the dog. :) Carry a bowl and some poop bags. A note pad an pen if you wish to take notes. Any other information you think might help us get a full undersatnding of the dog's life.

I have filled out the form, Now what?

Within the next 24--48 hours we will get in touch with you to fix an appointment date. Dates are usually available in 10-14 days. In the mean while, there might be information you need to gather, or tests you need to do, measure the food currently given and so on. Once a date has been fixed on the phone, you will need to make the payment for the appointment in within 24 hours to confirm your slot, or it will be released to the next person awaiting an appointment. Once payment is done, A calander invite will be sent out to you to accept the said appointment.

What is the process of getting an appointment?

First - choose what type of consult you would like? Group or private? Then fill out the appropriate form on the conultation page by clicking on "Book now" Once that is done, We will get in touch with you for the payment and additional information about your dog.