FAQ subscriptions & deliveries

What is the process to subscribe to a meal plan with Doggiliciouus?

On our website shop - www.doggiliciouus.com/shop you can select the meal plan you want and order a small sample pack. Once we get your order, we will send you the sample pack of 150gm to try over a period of 4 days. This is done to see how your dog takes to the food and so many new ingredients. It also helps to gauge how your dog is responding to the main meat in the plan selected by you. After the trial stage, you can get back to us and let us know the meal plan and pack size you want to start. We will then send you an invoice for the rest of the month. Upon receipt of the payment, we will start WEEKLY deliveries. Another option is to purchase any of the 7 day trial packs and try it for a longer duration before moving to a monthly subscription.

Do you deliver every day?

We deliver once a week on the day we cook the food fresh for your dog. This is done to ensure that the delivery charges are minimized and doesn’t result in an unnecessary price hike for your subscription. We prefer to spend your precious money on superior ingredients and quality. The food will arrive fresh, and can be stored in the deep freezer. One pack per day can be defrosted and used throughout the day as needed. On the other hand, we do take requests for monthly once or twice delivery but this is based on case to case basis and only upon request. Otherwise, the standard protocol is weekly delivery.

How does the payment for the subscription plan work?

Once you confirm the subscription, we will raise the invoice on a prorata basis for the number of days we will be providing food in that particular month. Once the payment is made by you, we will confirm your order and add you into our records for production. Our payments are done in advance at the beginning of the month. We accept payments via Bank Transfer and Google Pay.

I think my dog is overweight but I am not sure

You can have a look at our custom meal plans and consults page as that may help you better. We also have a couple of articles on body condition score and understanding overweight if your dog is overweight that can also be a good aid to see if your dog is overweight

My dog has some health conditions/issues. What should I do?

You can have a look at our custom meal plans and consults page as that may help you better. Some health conditions will need a tailor-made diet and could have certain dietary requirements as well as restrictions. A custom meal plan will help us take this into account when we design your dog’s diet.

What if I want to request for any changes in my subscription?

Any request for changes can be incorporated if made 2 business days prior to the day of delivery. The kind of changes are limited to adding or removing items like bones or broths and wellness products. Change of meat, change of quantity can be made only at the end of the month for the following month. If you wish to pause the food for that particular week or longer duration for any reason, we will need to know a minimum of 48 hours in advance prior to your delivery date.

What happens to my amount that gets paid in advance, when I make any changes during the course of the month?

All changes that are made during the current month are adjusted in the next month’s invoice. For eg. If you ask us to skip delivery for 3 days, and add 4 broths and some adhoc wellness products - We simply make a note of all your changes in your file and amend your next invoice to reflect these changes.

Do you sell your products outside Bangalore?

Yes, most of our health products shipped to all over India. Fresh food is sent only inside Bangalore since those are without any preservatives and will not survive the travel.

Can I take a shorter subscription?

Of course. We have a mini subscription of 1 week. We'd like your dog to love our food before you make the larger commitments