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Mixed Bag
Chicken & fish

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What is Doggiliciouus?

We call dogs '(hu)man's best friend' and for a very good reason. Now more than ever, we depend on their support, lean on their energy and enjoy their cheerfulness. Walking, playing and cuddling with them could be the high point of our lockdown days. So why not thank them with the best dog food options out there?

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Why Doggiliciouus?

More and more people are switching to grain-free, nutritiously tailored meals for their pets, and it's great to see the industry is changing for the better. Low-quality ingredients are being swapped for human-grade meat and vegetables, putting pet health and the planet first. That's the specialty box Doggiliciouus! And currently we've a grand offer.

What Is Mixed Bag - Chicken Fish

Mixed Bag meal is a mixed meat meal that gives your dog a variety of meat sources. This is ideal in the long run as variety is the best way to feed. ​

Various meats have different nutritional profiles and it's best to cycle in all the meats over time. 

Feeding a single meat meal for most of the dog's life not only makes it terribly boring for the dog but also runs a risk of not providing a complete range of amino acids needed for efficient muscle building and repair.

Shipping & Refund Policy


  • Once the order has been processed you will receive communication from our team to confirm your order and to set a delivery date. No orders will be cancelled after confirmation.

  • In case there is an emergency and you must cancel, we shall donate the food to your choice of shelter for dogs. 

  • Once delivered, NO RETURNS will be accepted on the order as these are fresh made to order products for your dogs. If you received damaged or wrong products please get in touch with on the same day for us to be able to rectify it.

  • If there are items ordered by mistake, you can reach out to us and we will replace those items with other products of your choice, subject to difference amount being paid by you in advance.

  • Refunds are decided on a case to case basis and will take 48 hours to 72 hours to process.

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