My Qualifications 

Logo of British College of Canine Studies which offers a Diploma in Canine Nutrition
Having been bought up in London, I naturally turned towards London in search for a Canine Nutrition Diploma, which I did from the British College of Canine Studies. As my first diploma, it was truly eye opening and I gained some invaluable knowledge.
Bangalore Hundeskole or BHARCS logo which specialises in canine behaviour
Mean while, I had reached out to Bangalore Hundeskole for guidance on Kira's emotional stability. And that led me to Study with Sindhoor -  the Canine essentials 101 in 2017. 
Later I pursued a natural healing nutritional workshop with Helen Moore, also organized by Bangalore Hundeskole Academy in 2017. Helen is a Turid Rugas student for canine behavioral studies and is a Holistic Nutritional practitioner in Toronto, Canada. 
Bangalore Hundeskole or BHARCS logo which specialises in canine behaviour
Galen Myotherapy logo who help relieve pain in dogs
In May of 2017 I found out that along with her various problems, Kira also had severe arthritis. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the workshop with the Galen Team during their visit to India. It taught us a great deal about gait and pain. 
In Dec 2018 I took part in the brand new Bharcs canine essentials 101 with the intention of furthering my knowledge of dogs and to add to my knowledge of holistic wellness.
I am proud to be a member of the International Companion Animal Network (ICAN), which obliges all members to uphold certain standards and ethical practices in our work and our conduct with clients and their dogs. 
Logo of BHARCS who offer a beginner's course and full diploma in canine behaviour
International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) logo whose members include professionals from all over the world

My On-going / Further Studies

Logo of International School of Canine Psychology and behaviour (ISCP) which offers diploma in Canine Nutrition and Holistic Wellness
I am currently pursuing my second Canine nutrition and holistic wellness diploma from the International School of Canine Psychology and behavior (UK) that is a in depth study of the canine anatomy physiology and its links to holistic nutritional wellness. 
Logo of BHARCS who offer a beginner's course and full diploma in canine behaviour
2019 has led me to start my Canine behavior Diploma with BHARCS as a Trailblazer, which will give me an in-depth understanding of canine behavior and its links to mental and emotional wellness. I will post updates on our social media to let you know my progress. I am Over halfway through the Diploma now as off June 2020. This Diploma is centered around a detailed in-depth study of Canine Ethology, body language, and behavior. 
Before the advance of pharmaceutical medicine, home remedies based on healing plants were the mainstay of veterinary medicine, I am studying to revive the tradition of the natural home pharmacy. Canine aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils in various combinations to provide our dogs with an alternative natural healing remedies so we can reduce the number of occasions for chemical medication.
I also plan to study Therapeutic canine Hydrotherapy for rehabilitation post surgery, accidents and also for improving muscle mobility in arthritic dogs from one of the best schools in England called Hawksmoore Hydrotherapy.