My Approach

I believe that a holistic approach to health and wellness is the need of the hour for our dogs. Wellness is a state of being, that can not be achieved without balancing the 3 pillars -  Lifestyle, Environment & Nutrition. No medical treatment can be entirely successful without the 3 pillars supporting the body though it. 

Lifestyle: Modifications to lifestyle can have enormous benefits on dogs and their wellbeing. Simple changes in walking routines, how much exercise, what kind of activities and how much sleep they get can make a world of difference. However, you'd need to now what to look for and what to change. The internet is the most confusing place on earth. Diametrically opposite views with equal conviction and no science to back it up, will leave you not knowing what to do. Worse, you may end up doing something harmful to the long term wellness of your dog. This is why we take a holistic approach to our guidance. 

White and brown puppy cheerfully chewing on the stalk of a disco pumpkin
A labrador running excitedly in a forest while fetching a stick towards the camera

Environment: The surroundings will have an impact on the dog and his health. Making small but significant changes to the environment of a dog, can change his world for him. Our city homes and modern world is not the dog's world. Making some changes to it in order to support their mental and physiological wellbeing goes a long way to support their health and wellness. We provide a systematic guide to make things simple and easy to follow. Over the years we have tried out various solutions and have devised impactful ideas to help your dog and you.

Nutrition: You are what you eat, and this is true for our dogs. What we put into the dogs body is of such paramount importance, that every single dog family should give it plenty of thought. Not only do we break it down for you into simple solutions, for those interested in a deeper dive into the science and facts, we guide you and provide you with a starting point and materials to get a better understanding. With dog nutrition, the bottom line always is; feed fresh, feed clean and feed species appropriate diets. 

The complex part can be to know what exactly and how much? We make that part real simple and hand hold you through the whole transition. 

Green leafy vegetables like kale with corainder, red capsicum, radish, whole sweet corn and juicy apples aesthetically placed in a wicker basket