Doggiliciouus' inspiration and brand ambassador Kira sitting in a garden with founder and canine nutritionist and holistic wellness practitioner Manssi SK Saha
 Manssi SK Saha


Canine Nutritionist & Holistic wellness Practitioner

Barfi's mother, Mimi, sitting in a study with a wooden bookshelf and white table in the background
Mimi Saha

Barfi's biological mom, turned up, walked in and made herself permanent  - 18 December 2019

The founding reason and inpiration for Doggiliciouus, Kira
Kira Saha

Founding reason & Inspiration

Feb 2014 - June 2018

Barfi Saha

Ultra Fussy Tasting officer

Rescued temporarily ; Stayed permanently  - 3rd August 2018

Manssi's rescued white dog, Barfi, sitting on a green couch with a brown recliner in the back
Doggiliciouus' kitchen supervisor, Birendra Nath Das, sitting next to Kira as they look into the camera
Birendra Nath Das

Kitchen Supervisor & Dog lover. He loved Kira & Kira loved him. 

Vicky Malacom who works as a kitchen assistant for Doggiliciouus
Vicky Malacom

Kitchen Assistant

& Dog Lover

Divya who is a part of the Doggilicouus' team as a kitchen assistant

Ardent Dog Lover

Kitchen Assistant.