This is the very backbone of our value system. It is of paramount importance to us that we are able to hold up to our commitment. So we take our commitments very seriously. 

We will stay true to our methods of natural healing with the best ingredients, in the most holistic way possible for our clients and their dogs. Always innovating and providing the best services for the dogs and their humans. 

We will pack as much good quality, bioavailable form of nutrition into the client’s budget range without compromising on the quality of nutritional value. This will always remain the focus while making products for our clients. Each of our products will strive to have impactful health benefits.

We will always make products that DO NOT use Preservatives, Colors, Fillers, Binders, Chemicals, or any processes that may alter the nutritional value or of the product.

We will work with the humans and hand hold them for as long as needed, to try and achieve the best course of action for the dog. We are going to set the standard on what the dog’s nutritional & health needs are. we will 

help their human families with the challenges they may face. We will also factor in the needs, desires and personalities of the dogs while working out their health plans.

We will always prefer to work with sustainable packaging, recycled materials, reuse packaging, alternative sources of materials, clean earth friendly ingredients and design processes to make our products kinder to our planet.

We will educated and encourage our clients to reuse and recycle their packaging with us,  by actively providing them with these options.  

We emphasize on mutual respect within the working environment , with our clients and with dogs. We will be considerate towards everyone that work with us and to our clients. We will aim to understand their hardships and struggles. And last but not the least, we will show compassion in our hearts for everyone around us.