Doggiliciouus PremIum

Personalized consults

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All consults are currently being done on video calls only. 

When you select a personalized meal planning service,


Here is what you'll get:

  1. Assessment of medical history

  2. Assessment of dietary History

  3. Assessment of Current diet

  4. Detailed discussion on any concerns you have

  5. A complete Environmental guidance

  6. Lifestyle changes and guidance

  7. Overview of Holistic wellness benefits

  8. A custom-made meal plan for your dog

  9. A complete holistic plan of action - 6 weeks

  10. On-going support for ANYTHING - during the 6 weeks.

  11. Natural remedies for most common infections

  12. You become a part of the Dogggiliciouus Premium family and we will always support your dog's wellness.

  13. The custom made recipe and cooking instructions         ( OPTIONAL) 

  14. Guidance on mental and emotional wellbeing for your dog. 

Our aim is to evaluate the whole situation to come up with the best holistic plan for wellness that will suit your lifestyle, schedules, and budgets. 

What we need from you:

  1. A detailed medical history (If available)

  2. Detailed Dietary history (If available) 

  3. Current food details - In detail with measurements.

  4. Current medical conditions & reports, if any.

  5. It is best to have a recent CBC blood report and a hip x-ray for all medium to large dogs over the age of 1.5 yrs, before the diet change. 

  6. Bring all Current Supplements given, if any. 

  7. Note pad & pen for taking notes.

  8. Your Dog.

  9. To watch - "Pet Fooled" Documentary Channel on Youtube.

  10. As many family members as possible, present for the consult. This helps everyone in the household to be on the same page and make a collective effort. 


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 First consult

ONLINE - For all types of consults

All consults will be done via video call during the COVID pandemic. There is a series of Videos and pictures with medical reports that will need to be sent in before hand. 



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Group Consult

Min 4-6 dogs - All categories

A group of 4-6 dog parents can get together and host a whole day in depth consult session and get a great group discount for the first consult. Currently being held online - Video. 


2500/- per dog

Follow ups - 

ONLINE - For All types of consults

All consults will be done via video call during the COVID pandemic. Please fill out this form to book your follow up session. The additional information required will be requested on phone. 



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 Overseas Client

For any category 

Out station Dogs, in any category, we will have to compensate for not being able to see the dog. A list of pictures and videos will need to be sent to us with the medical records in advance.