13 powerful reasons to add Hempseed oil to your dog's diet today!

Many of us have wondered if Hemp seed oil, CBD oil, with THC(the psychoactive component of Cannabis) without THC, minimal THC, is all a passing fad? Which one is best for our dogs and what does it actually do? Is it a hippie revolution? Is it scientific? Is there enough research to back up all these stories?

Well, like with many things in life, there were no definitive answers this time. But slowly, research is emerging, facts are getting corroborated, and the list of benefits along with the evidence that supports it is slowly taking the front stage!

Some facts about Hemp oil:

Hemp and Marijuana are botanical variants of a family of plants called Cannabis Sativa. They are cousins, much like wolves and dogs. Although the same family, their chemical composition and the way they are grown are quite different. Hemp has almost no THC, but is higher on CBD (the healing wonderful properties everyone is raving about). This makes it legal in countries that recognize the difference between the cousins. The industrial plantation of Hemp has been recently made legal in India. Since Hemp also has tremendous industrial uses, it grows fast and is sustainable.

Some Research:

  1. A study showed that hemp oil has properties that inhibit certain bacterial activity that cause skin infections, pneumonia.

  2. A study showed that hemp oil is very complex in its composition and although more research is needed to know exactly which compounds help, it concluded that hemp oil improved cognitive ability, learning capacity, memory, improved brain tissue, alleviated dementia, showed neuroprotective qualities and so on and more.

  3. Another study supported the hypothesis that hemp seed has the potential to beneficially influence heart disease. A mix of legal issues and misunderstandings has slowed research progress in this area but enough data presently exists to argue strongly for the continued investigation into the therapeutic efficacy of dietary hempseed.

  4. A study looked at the effects of full-spectrum CBD compounds on different types of pain in animals and concluded that it does help relieve the pain of various types.

  5. A study conducted on children with drug-resistant epilepsy showed an 84% improvement in the frequency of seizures with the controlled administration of CBD.

Benefits and Uses:

  • Skin - Infections, inflammations, eczema, Psoriasis, Dry skin, an Unhealthy coat.

  • Cardiac health - High cholesterol, Blood pressure, Coronary heart disease, Artery blockages.

  • Pain management - Neuropathic pain, Inflammatory pain, Cancer pain, Chronic pain, Muscular pain, Rheumatic pain, Arthritic pain.

  • Brain function - Antioxidant & anti-neuroinflammatory properties, Improved cognition, improved memory, improved learning.

  • Research has suggested that it could have anti-cancer properties due to the presence of GLA

  • It has Omega 3 and 6 - so all the benefits of the essential fatty acids.

  • May reduce anxiety. ( Could be useful for fearful dogs, and dogs with separation anxiety)

  • It helps the immune system function optimally - being able to fight off infections.