Coconut oil for dogs - is it as great as they say?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Over the last 5-8 years, we have been increasingly hearing about a term called “good fats”. This is not a new phenomenon. And it wasn't invented 5 years ago! It's been around for thousands of years. Our Ayurveda mentions it and now the world seems to have caught on.

The reason coconut oil makes it to the list of POWER foods is that its a very good fat, indeed. It is made up of Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), and this is what makes it so good. It does not oxidize very easily and this makes it a very stable oil, making it very easy to cook your dog food with.

It has so many benefits, it deserves a list:

  • It has innate anti-inflammatory properties - so it helps with joints and other systemic inflammation to bring it down. Several animal studies and human studies have shown that it reduces markers for oxidative stress and inflammation, bringing it down quite significantly. Even the simple application of Virgin coconut oil has the ability to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints.

  • Research in animals seems to suggest that antioxidants called polyphenols found in coconut oil help with arthritis, help with joint mobility and keeping them more lubricated.

  • A study conducted in Mumbai, at the Dr Somiyah research center on Osteoarthritis of the knee, and the effect of Vit D and Virgin Coconut oil on cartilage degeneration, inflammation, and pain, showed some pretty encouraging results in just 12 weeks of supplementation. The study showed that not just mobility had increased, [ain had decreased, but also the rate at which the cartilage was degenerating was slowed down considerably.

  • All healthy fats aid in smooth digestion and bowel movement - preventing constipation. Coconut oil helps in eliminating harmful bacteria and Candida. This helps with reducing inflammation in the stomach. Coconut oil also gets absorbed very fast, this helping with the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals such as magnesium get absorbed into the body more efficiently.

  • It is an immune booster. Coconut oil has Lauric acid and this helps kill several harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi making the digestive system more efficient! and as we know, a healthy digestive system is a healthy IMMUNE system!

  • It is great for soft, supple and shiny skin. (For you too!) The anti-microbial properties in the coconut oil help keep the skin healthy when applied topically and the anti-inflammatory properties soothe the infections or wounds. It helps with the regeneration of tissue and minimizes scarring. Not to mention its an excellent moisturizing agent.

  • It improves the shine and quality of the coat. Applied topically the unique molecular structure of lauric acid (The main component of coconut oil) allows it to penetrate the hair shaft very easily, nourishing it and making it soft and shiny.

  • It has Antimicrobial properties as mentioned above - which allows it to combat minor bacterial infections and yeast overgrowth. This can be used to our advantage when your dog has a minor wound, scratch, rash, or dry skin.

  • It heals wounds, cuts, scrapes, and burn scars when applied topically. Its healing properties are astounding when it comes to wounds. Applied regularly you will have a wound that remains clean and heals faster.

  • It promotes collagen regeneration and allows for minimal scarring while healing a wound. Great for surgical scars - Old and new. I have used this a million times on my dogs and on my self to be very sure that it works! Forget about the ointments and just trust the coconut oil. At Doggiliciouus, we are so sure of this nut's ability to heal, it's the main ingredient in our Quick Heal Balm.