Golden paste

Golden paste

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What can we say about Golden paste? The list of benefits is too long. It's an awesome combination of Organic Turmeric, Virgin coconut oil and ground black pepper corns. And as if this wasn't brilliant enough, we made ours better. We have added 5 other brilliant ingredients to our golden paste that really ramp up the inti-inflammation, taste great, heal minor infections like tummy bugs.  

Who is Golden paste for?

  • Dogs with Arthritis and HD, its an absolute must. 
  • Dogs with Inflamed Bowels ( IBD / IBS )
  • Dogs with lower immunity - if they get minor infects regularly - Tummy bugs, eye infects, er infections and so on. 
  • Dogs recoveing from surgery
  • Puppies recovering from upset tummies / Vaccinations
  • Young Adults hitting puberty.
  • Any dog that needs Anti-inflammation. 
  • As a tonic - all dogs. 


Here's a few of its benefits:

  • Natural detox.

  • Strong Anti-inflammatory.

  • Natural antibacterial.

  • Promotes heart and liver health.

  • Reduces blood clots that can lead to strokes and heart attacks by thinning the blood*

  • Promotes digestive health.

  • Acts as an antioxidant AND it's believed to be able to prevent cancer**

  • Offers allergy relief.


Chemical Free. Preservative Free. Gluten Free. ORGANIC. 

Once the order has been processed you will receive communication from our team to confirm your order. In case there is an emergency and you must cancel, we will raise a credit note for you to use at a later date on a case to case basis. 

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