Healthy-llicious - Spice Mix

Healthy-llicious - Spice Mix

There are so many wonderful healing and immune boosting

spices in the Indian repertoire, that can be used for 

building wellness for our dogs. The proportions can get a little 

complex, so we decided to make it easy and create a pre-mix with top-notch 

home ground organic spices and herbs in the right balance. 

So you can relax and know that you are putting in every bit of goodness you can,

in your dogs food daily. Healthy-licious -spice mix has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that you can be use to cook your dog's chicken, veggies or rice in. No need to add anything else in. 


Chemical Free. Preservative Free. Gluten Free. ORGANIC.

Once the order has been processed you will receive communication from our team to confirm your order. In case there is an emergency and you must cancel, we will raise a credit note for you to use at a later date on a case to case basis. 

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