Something's Fishy Meal

Something's Fishy Meal

Something's fishy is a fish and eggs meal. This mix of food is excellent to boost the Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for joint, heart, organ and skin health. See the difference good healthy essential fatty acids make to your dog's skin and coat in a matter of weeks.


For all dogs intolerant to chicken, this is a great lean white meat meal option. We use small, sea caught fish like sardines and anchovies and Mackerel. This is also a great meal for a change during summers or during recovery from an illness/surgery due to its high anti-inflammatory ingredients. 


Of course, we add our special spice mix blend which is all organic, our superfood blend that's amazing for immune building. 


This meal can be made available egg-free if your dog is sensitive to eggs. Please use the "Contact us" form on the home page to request rates. 


Chemical Free. Preservative Free. Gluten Free. 

Once the order has been processed you will receive communication from our team to confirm your order and a sample will be sent out to you.  Post that another confirmation call will follow to set a delivery starting date. Once the invoice has been sent and paid, the order shall not be cancelled. In case there is an emergency and you must cancel, we shall donate the food to your choice of shelter for dogs. 

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