SuperWoof Mix

SuperWoof Mix

Our Organic Super-Woof powder is a labor of love. 12 brilliant super foods have been selected and blended into a mix to give your dogs the perfect balance of B-Vitamins, Beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Essential Fatty acids, Selenium, Potassium, Chromium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Amino acids, Anti-oxidants, Anti-inflammatories, Phyto-nutrients and much much more. 

SUPERFOODS are a special category of foods, that are so incredibly dense & rich in their nutritional values, that they deserved a whole separate category to justify them! These wonderful plant based ingredients bump up the nutritional value of any food. The add flavor and is a great topping. 

Sprinkle on top of your dog's meal before serving, and then you need not add anything else to your dog's meals other than some healthy oils such as Virgin coconut oil/ Ghee/ Fish oil. (DO NOT COOK THIS POWDER) 


Chemical Free. Preservative Free. Gluten Free. ORGANIC.

Once the order has been processed you will receive communication from our team to confirm your order. In case there is an emergency and you must cancel, we will raise a credit note for you to use at a later date on a case to case basis. 

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