Our first and foremost principles are research, learn and innovate. We are constantly staying on top of the latest research to modify our recipes. We do NOT compromise on the quality of ingredients or our protocols of hygiene. The food handling & preparation is human-grade standards. Our meals will ensure that the condition of the skin/coat improves as the immune system starts building. Our fresh food is loaded with anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant superfoods to flush out toxins and restore well-being! If that's not a reason...what is?

NO Short cuts!

Why Doggiliciouus?

Our cooking process is NOT the shortest, easiest and most convenient. However, we do so because it is the best way to ensure the optimum amount of nutrients are retained in the food. We ensure slow cooking at low (Domestic grade) heat. We procure a wide variety of organic grade spices, herbs & superfoods to ensure your dog benefits from our ingredients. We take pride in YOUR dog's WELLNESS!

NO Compromises!

From its conception, Doggiliciouus has maintained its principles of ZERO compromises on what's good for the dogs. This leads us to ensure we use the best ingredients, and constantly innovate and change our recipes for what is best for the dog. Providing great wholesome fresh nutrition is our aim and we take it very seriously.  We are pretty serious about our VALUES. Click to know more about what we stand for.


I personally made a promise to Kira the day I decided to cook and feed other dogs. "Your dogs will never eat something I am unwilling to feed my own." And we ALWAYS strive to enhance our knowledge and our recipes to ensure, its great, tasty food! We also will continue to strive on your behalf to get better ingredients and trustworthy vendors. We commit to education and continuous learning so we are updated with the latest scientific knowledge.

My Qualifications