When it comes to good health & nutrition, dogs are just like us. Good nutritious food should be fresh, whole foods, hygienic and most of all drool-worthy. Fresh foods have been traditionally challenging for families to make or get it right and balanced. And now with professional Nutritionist designing and delivering it to your doorstep, it's an easy decision to make. Healthier food leads to healthier longer lives. Happy dog = Happy you!

Bio-availability of food is when the dog food is made up of real ingredients with real nutrition. Not By-products or fillers. Fresh food allows us to be entirely sure of what goes into the body. To pick and choose the right ingredients (Please visit Our Ingredients list) in the right proportions is the key. All dog's are not made equal. Almost each dog will have varying nutritional needs at different points in his/her life. With fresh food, we can make that CHOICE!


Why Fresh?

NO Preservatives!

Any processed food, whether made for humans or for animals contains preservatives. All such preservatives are now known to have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing. There have been direct links made between these chemicals and cancer, allergies, inflammations, organ dysfunction, and even cardiac failures. Opting for food that is preservative-free goes a long way in safeguarding  longevity and health.

SPECIFIC Nutrition!

While making and designing processed food, generalizations of ingredients, portion sizes, and micronutrients are so inherent that it is near impossible to meet the actual regional nutritional needs of dogs across the world! One size fits all principle simply doesn't apply when it comes to meaningful nutrition in dogs or humans. As we know, this is very true with human diets too! No one thing suits us all, despite being the same species - Humans.