360 Degrees!

Holistic essentially means, looking at health as a whole and not just-food. That entails

  • Environment |Lifestyle | Physical activity|Food | Sufficient sleep

  • Adequate Illness management

  • Recovery management | And much more.

Migrating to the right food is a vital step towards building holistic wellness but we also provide you with guidance through the other aspects.  Doggiliciouus Premium


A holistic management of health is about all rounded plan. We take into consideration the various underlying causes that could be adversely affecting the health of your dog. A balanced preventative recipe designed to boost the natural immune system is the first step. However, the lifestyle changes are at the top of the list in health MANAGEMENT of pre-existing conditions. Doggiliciouus Premium

Why holistic?


We have all heard "Prevention is better than cure" and nothing can be truer than this! Choosing a balanced diet of fresh wholesome foods is of prime importance. It's important to know what to avoid, such as harmful chemicals, preservatives, colors and unnecessary medication.  Adequate physical activity and sleep are next in line. Avoiding the "wrong" kind of activity such as "Fetch" can go a long way in preventing several inflammatory conditions, not to mention injury. Doggiliciouus Premium

Building Wellness!

As a society, we don't focus as much on building wellness as we do on managing illness! Wellness BUILDING is very rewarding. Only once we start on this road do we realize that wellness is not at all about "treating illness" in our dogs. Wellness is something like a piggy bank. We must invest pennies in it daily for a substantial pay off in the later years of the dog's life. Starting on good nutrition at a young age is the key! It is so much easier to stay healthy than to manage a disease or to stay lean than to struggle with weight loss. Doggiliciouus Premium