Fresh food can often mean an unbalanced and incomplete nutrition. Many essential nutrients may be missing from the diet. A professional Canine Nutritionist would ensure that the food is designed to be balanced and complete to provide your dog with everything their body needs to maintain the following: High immunity| Muscle tone | Agility | Healthy organs | Strong bones. The chronic illness in domestic dogs is at an all-time high, and fresh, natural food is our only hope. 


We read that a diet must be "complete" to be adequate, but what does this mean? A complete diet refers to all the needs of our dogs being accounted for in formulation. All the micro nutrients being present in the food that the body needs to function and to ensure there are no nutritional deficiencies. 

So needless to say that, a non-bioavailable, nutrient deficient diet such as commercial dog food CAN NOT be considered complete!

When any food is cooked in high temperatures for a long duration, most nutrition in that food source is dead and is not considered to be "Bio-available" to the body for absorption. Cooking fresh food, on non-industrial flame, slower cooking. This, in turn, gives high retention of nutrition in the food. Food that has an abundance of Bio-availability, gives the intended sustenance to our dogs to thrive! Bio-availability is also about the quality of ingredients and raw materials. Using fresh human grade produce is what our dogs deserve.

Why A nutritionist?


Balanced is another well-marketed word. Balanced refers to the macro & micronutrients being in the right proportions. It is to ensure that the dog has the nutrition it needs to thrive in the right quantity. In a bio-available source so that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized for the right function. With every aspect of nutrition, we came back to the bio-availability of ingredients. The only way to ensure that is to feed fresh food.